Tuesday, August 1, 2017

A salute to the sun

We wait
For you to come
And when we can’t
Bear it
To the darkness
You appear
Your gentle touch
Embodies hope
And brightness
In each ray

Ever so slowly
You rise
Your full embrace
Each cell in our bodies
Awaken with your
Warmth and energy

You give
All of yourself
Sometimes it’s
Just too much
We retreat from your
Burning intensity
And power
To find shelter and

But you are careful
To lower your gaze
You soften
And leave a trail
Of lingering heat and

And when you
Eventually disappear
Your non-presence
Is felt
As you allow
Others to stir
and shine

Welcoming again
The mystery of the night
We can only close our eyes
And trust in
Your return
Before too long

Wednesday, February 1, 2017


She was dreaming
And all that time he was there
Waiting to sit down


She held my ageing face
In her rough strong hands
Hands that had held
many rough strong hearts
and looking straight into me
said “you are one of us”

I couldn’t hold her gaze
My habit was to squirm
How could she love me
that much?
But she did.


I’ve given as much as I can
With what I have
With what I know

Perhaps one day
It’ll be different
But here for now
In this moment

With what I know
With what I have
I’ve given as much as I can


Wednesday, January 4, 2017

No longer

That was then
This is now
If it had served you
It does no longer

Let it go
You’ll survive


Poem: © Penelope Mavor 2017
Image: sourced from Vivid Greeting Cards (Facebook)